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It's hard being a full time working mom! A few years ago something had to give in my life. My marriage, family, health, and sanity were all suffering. I had too much on my plate. The more I prayed and plugged into my bible, the more I felt it was my career that had to evolve. It made me really sad to even think about cutting back clinically or letting go of my "cush job." I mean, I LOVE being a clinical hygienist! For ten years, I had poured myself into that practice, the relationships, and the community. I really thought that practice was going to be my forever home.

But I had to take the risk! Within a few months, I made my exit plan. My nanny would soon be getting married, I had PTO to use, and I lined myself up with new career goals. Man, it was scary starting over. Part of my plan was to research and plug into the dental hygiene community for ideas and support. Facebook groups, of all things, became the best place for that. Some are for ranting, positive support, hygienist that are moms, sharing articles and research, case studies, experiences, sharing tips and tricks, and basically just lots of networking. One day in particular, this young guy did a live within a Facebook group and showed us this new sonic toothbrush, BURST. I didn't think to much of it, nothing in my mind could compete with the Phillips Sonicare.

Finally, the day had come. I put my two weeks notice in after work. The next morning, my boss stated that my letter was the nicest letter she had ever received and was taken back. I meant every word in that letter. I shed a few tears in the dispensary, while I took in the moment of that chapter closing. I wish it would have ended there, but it didn't. Within a few hours, I was abruptly sent home and it did not end well.

I. Was. Devastated.

I spent the remainder of the summer regrouping and licking my wounds. I felt lost. So much of my identity was wrapped up in that office. I missed the girls, patients, and the routine. But on the other hand, having a completely cleared schedule had some perks! I was enjoying sleeping in, eating well, sipping coffee longer, snuggling on the couch, and what I like to call "the sweetness of nothing." It was a good summer for my soul. Our family, my health, and sanity were all improving. I began to feel the cloud lift and I knew I had made the right decision. I remembered that toothbrush too.

I reached out to a few colleagues to find out more information on the BURST brush. I told my husband about the business plan of how BURST made the products affordable to consumers by direct sales and using dental professionals as part of their marketing. He told me to go for it! So I downloaded the app, ordered my brush, and waited very impatiently for a few days for it to show up. Luckily BURST comes charged, because as soon as I received it, I immediately went and tested it out. I was astonished, completely blown away by the quality of the brush and the clean of my teeth! After one, two minute use, I whole-heartedly believed this company was going solve industry problems and radically impact oral health. And I wanted to be a part of the revolution. I became a BURST ambassador September 2017.

This work-a-holic hit the door running! I recommended it any and everywhere I could. Within just a few short months, I became the top ranked ambassador for sales in the nation. During that time, I was also approached by the owners to become one of the first three senior ambassadors and help lead others in BURST world. I cruised for about a year like that before I was approached again to become a full time employee as their social media manager. BURST has been an extremely wild, fun, rewarding and empowering ride! I'm deeply blessed to get the opportunity to continue my career in this season of being home. I'm learning and expanding new skills and serving others by helping them succeed too.

If you are a licensed dental professional and want a summary of the program:

Text "INVITE" to 201.231.9900 or you can also email and give me your name, phone number, and email address and I can send you a direct link.

Additionally, join the BURST professionals Facebook group and check us out.

If you are a consumer and want to try BURST risk free for 90 days:

Here is my BURST discount promo code "A3QQNQ" or click HERE for my direct link.

Update: This article is a quick read that supports some of the things that I was experiencing as a full time working wife and mom.

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